Here’s an update and new video from Mitchell on CiviWiki and their recent crowdfunding campaign:

At the end of last semester, with the support of the Greater University Service Foundation, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop CiviWiki this summer. The above video is the crowdfunding video we created and it explains why we launched our campaign. In short, most Americans believe we have a problem with staying informed and being engaged with our democratic system. We have developed a plan to use the power of the internet to solve this problem. CiviWiki allows communities to discuss the problems they are facing, discover solutions to those problems, and then use this knowledge to petition representations and hold them accountable. For more information on CiviWiki, visit our website at

Through the generosity of our community, we raised over $22,000, just short of our $25,000 goal. With this influx of funding, we have been working tirelessly to build our web-system. Our four member development team is currently on track to make a limited release of CiviWiki early this fall. If you are interested in testing CiviWiki, you can email Mitchell at [email protected].