Read about the most recent work that CiviWiki has been doing!
We have been working on CiviWiki Version 1.0 for over 8 months now and have begun testing the system in preparation for our pre-release beta-testers. At this exciting cusp, I look back on the challenges and progress we have made to get this far. We redesigned the system and overcame technical problems. We faced scheduling issues as our developers balanced full-time jobs, and personal life with the demands of launching a startup. And everything we have done has been completed on a shoestring budget, stretched far beyond the 4 month period it was designed to cover. But with perseverance, we got here. And we are more dedicated than ever. The recent election highlighted the importance of our project. Our country is more polarized than ever and citizens need a better way to talk to each other. And, that conversation needs to be productive, using our differences to understand problems and find solutions. CiviWiki isn’t a solution in itself, but we believe it is a tool that can help bridge the divide between our polarized communities, and between Citizens and Congress.