The adventure was a success! Although it was cold and a bit rainy, about 20 people turned out for the event. It was a big hit. The participants got to know each other and remarked that they were happy to see such a beautiful part of the city that many of them hadn’t seen before. The adventure was covered both by Student Life newspaper (Link) and, a website that connects the creative community at Wash. U. (Link). Looking forward, we would like to bring the adventure to more students. A few participants said they would like to do it again in better weather, with more people participating. We also heard from a few students that they couldn’t make it on the day of the event, but would do it if it were organized again. One great aspect of instill adventure is that it’s completely reusable—it can be done by anyone at any time. We leave you now with our objectives achieved and an eye towards the future. Happy adventuring!