Instill Adventure is well underway. We embarked on this project with a number of objectives: to explore the city ourselves, to meet St. Louis residents and hear their stories, and to show Wash. U. students the beauty that exists in this city. The adventure will be pretty similar in structure to the mp3 experiments put on by Improv Everywhere in New York City (for example: The plan is to start on the Wash. U. campus with all the participants hitting “play” on an mp3 track on their iPods at the same time. This audio file will give them instructions to get on the metro, go downtown to 8th and Pine station, and walk around the historic downtown district through the Old Post Office and Citygarden. Along the way, the participants will also be told to do silly things, like dance or play games with each other. So far, the focus has been on scouting out the area, brainstorming ideas for the script and collecting stories from local leaders to include on the track. Things are looking good—we’re confident that the logistics will work out, and our advertising has definitely generated some excitement on campus.