Urban Harvest STL LogoWe would like to congratulate Urban Harvest STL, a new friend and partner in St Louis that is doing some great community work around urban agriculture.

Urban Harvest STL promotes a healthful downtown St Louis community, enriching lives through education and innovation in urban agriculture, green space and multicultural connectivity. They envision a vibrant city where underutilized inner city spaces are transformed into productive food-based platforms which actively contribute to a more empowered social community. Their goal is to educate and empower individuals on the possibilities of farming in non-traditional urban landscapes

In 2011 they developed the first downtown community garden. Building off this momentum, they are ‘growing’ their next project – the FOOD ROOF, which will be the first of its kind rooftop farm in St. Louis! Created by scores of passionate volunteers, this community focused project will connect city dwellers from all walks of life to an organic-based food system located in the urban heart of St. Louis.

From growing food to raising chickens and bee-keFOOD ROOF Piceping, the FOOD ROOF will be a living demonstration of innovative approaches to urban agriculture including hydroponics and vertical farming. This rooftop farm is envisioned to be a community platform, actively engaging and educating city dwellers with an outdoor classroom and gathering space for community events and outreach.

Residents will be able to walk a short distance to the FOOD ROOF and pick up their very own Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) share of neighbor-grown goodness. Fresh produce will also be delivered via bicycle to nearby charities eliminating the need for produce to clock thousands of environmentally damaging food miles before it gets to the table. It does not get more environmentally sustainable than this.

Urban Harvest STL’s FOOD ROOF project aims to not only grow food, but to continue to grow strategic partnerships and a community which contributes to their health, and the sustained health and welfare of their social fabric.